De Hanoi au Nord VIETNAM à Shanghaï en CHINE - septembre à novembre 2007

Voila la petite lettre de news pour les deux derniers mois.. et demi.. Cela commence début septembre avec l'arrivée de ma mère au Vietnam, ça passe ensuite par Laos et Thaïlande où je suis un mois avec ma petite amie, et hop, nous voila à Shanghai début novembre.

Etant donné que nous sommes dans des zones assez touristiques et moins sauvages, et que cette partie de mon voyage ressemble plus à des vacances, le mail sera plus court que d'habitude.

Hello my dear readers,

Good morning, afternoon,

I write you from Shanghai, in China. I arrived here almost 2 weeks ago, especially because I was waiting for my russian visa. Also, I had really good time here, sports, nightlife, everything. I have been staying in a flat of a friend, Jay, from Corea.

So, what about the last 2 months ? I was travelling through Vietnam, Laos and Thailande. First I was with my mother, then I was with my girlfriend, so I was not really alone for this part of my journey. It was more holidays than usual, but I really enjoyed it.

North Vietnam, about 2 weeks with my mother. We were few days in Halong Bay, touristic area but really beautiful. We found an island very quiet, no crowded. After that, from Hanoi, we rented a motorbike, 125cc, for ten days, the part the more exciting of these weeks. We drove about 1000 kms in total, up to Dien Bien Phu, near the border with Laos.

After the departure of my mother, I took a week to go quickly to Bangkok in Thailande. I mixed with train, bus and hitchhiking. I went by the south of Laos. End of september, I met my girlfriend in Bangkok. We know each other since I have been in Tadjikistan, few months before.

One month in the north of Laos and the south of Thailande. We were travelling by train and bus for all the junctions, often during the night. In Laos, we rented a motorbike, 250cc, for 2 weeks. The trip in Laos was very wild whereas in Thailande we were more with other people. We spent our last week on a island, Ko Phi-Phi, very famous.

My girl friend left Bangkok at the end of october. From this date, I hitchhiked a lot to reach Kunmimg in China. It took me a little week to do. From Kunming, I took a train for 37 hours to arrive in Shanghai, where I am now.

The next of my journey : I am on the way to Mongolia and Russia. My plan is to travel through Russia, up to Moscou, and then go back to France. It will take me few months more.

See you next time everybody.


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